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Lanny, Les, Tiger, Fred Sgambati and much more on Episode 15 of “The Vintage Leaf Memories podcast”…

I’m sure most of you have certain Maple Leaf memories that really stand out—moments, events, goals, big hits, whatever—that you have never forgotten. Good or bad, joyful or distressing, most of us who have a serious rooting interest in a particular team remember these things, for whatever reason. It’s not always stuff like Cup-winning goals.  It can be something really minor, but it stays with us nonetheless.

In Episode 15 of “The Vintage Leaf Memories Podcast” I isolate ten specific and very vivid Leaf memories that still stay with me to this day.  They include the only goal this particular Leaf ever scored for the blue and white; an infamous playoff loss; a famous (maybe infamous as well) post-game quote; a defenseman with a big shot; a whirlwind on skates; obtaining a future Hall-of-Fame goaltender and a classic broadcast moment (at least to my then young mind) with Fred Sgambati calling a Leaf-Red Wing game on CBC radio on a winter Sunday night more than forty years ago.

I also include recalling exactly where I was when one of the most famous trades in Leaf history was announced (at least when I first found out about it), involving longtime Leaf great Frank Mahovlich, hockey’s “Big M”.  I was fourteen at the time and it was a shocking deal for most Leaf fans, occurring as it did less than a year after the Leafs had won the Stanley Cup. (That's Mahovlich, right, in early 1960s action against the Hawks and "Moose" Vasko, Glenn Hall and Pierre Pilote.)

Maybe listening to the program will trigger some of your own hockey memories!

I hope you enjoy Episode 15.


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