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Some of my favourite all time Maple Leafs: Episode 14 of “The Vintage Leaf Memories Podcast”

As I mention on today’s show, we all have our own “favourite” players—and we have our own reasons.  Someone who is a favourite of mine may be a player you don’t even like.  It’s subjective, it’s personal, and that’s why these discussions are enjoyable. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to personal “likes”.

There isn’t always a rhyme or reason for why we gravitate to certain athletes—kind of like why we first started cheering for a particular team in the first place.  But loyalties tend to run deep and all things being equal, once we decide we really like somebody, that rooting instinct seems to be there (in most cases) for life.

Everyone who visits VLM has their own “list”, I’m sure—Leafs past or present who are a bit special to you as a Leaf supporter.  And that’s as it should be.  The individuals I talk about in today’s podcast all, in my view, distinguished themselves in a Maple Leaf uniform.  They are all part of not only my personal Leaf memory bank but also, in my opinion, an important part of the Maple Leaf legacy.

I won’t go through all the names I talk about on the show, but I do discuss a few Leafs who did not make my “Top Ten” ranking. But they may just be on yours.

Nonetheless, if, like me, you developed a fondness for star players like Dickie Duff, right, (or in today’s terms, a Phil Kessel, say) or some lesser-known blue and white alumni who evoke great memories for you, it's nice to have this kind of discussion from time to time.

I hope you enjoy Episode 14.


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  1. I haven't seen many games live in the past 15 years, however, when the Leafs came to Calgary AND Toronto had reacquired Doug Gilmour, I had to make the effort to see a game... how can you not want to 'recapture the magic' of his transformational original impact in that huge GM Cliff trade with the Flames.

    Just to see him back in the Blue and White was almost as special as it was tragic shortly after the game began and I saw him lying on the ice at the blue line, without even knowing what had happened. I had such high hopes that he might be able to inspire some of that old magic (like when Wendel came back)... alas, it was not meant to be, so must be satisfied that he was able to finish his career with the Leafs.

    It's personally satisfying to learn little bits about a cousin that I never met, but was respected by my Mom (who is NOT a hockey fan ). She always liked Scott Garland, so it gives her a kick when I can share your interactions and perspectives on someone who left us all far too young.

    Suffice to say he was on my list of favourites, so it's nice to know it's not just cause of my bias that he is well-remembered.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I had a ton of respect for Garland and the way he played, InTimeFor62. Glad the program stirred a fond family memory for you.

  3. I put on the Marlies game, turned down the audio, cued up your podcast and opened a bottle of Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre's 3 Monts Flanders Golden Ale and began to watch the Marlies game while listening to your podcast...a very nice way to start a weekend after a busy work, Thank you very much, Michael.

    The Leafs won't miss the playoffs. They will make the playoffs and might even displace Tampa and maybe Montreal in the standings.

    It seems that many Toronto based Leaf fans often forget or haven't noticed the organization's depth. Today here in Winnipeg, everybody is panicking over the 6-8 week loss of Mark Scheifele. In Toronto, we lose Dave Bolland for most of the season and do just fine with combination of Nick Kulemin and call up Peter Holland.

    With other teams, T. J. Brennan or Spencer Abbott would have been called up months ago, but we have two of the top ten scorers in the AHL, ready in reserve and waiting.

    On many teams Granberg, Percy or MacWilliam would have already seen some NHL action. In goal, if Bernier goes out, Riemer is there ready to go, and MacIntyre after that. MacIntyre is probably more dependable than Vancouver starter, Eddie Lack.

    Favorite Leafs? Right now, James van Riemsdyk. He's young and comes in to Toronto. He deals with the pressure of the biggest market of the NHL and doesn't blink. He makes the US Olymipic team. He regularly does the media scrimage in that big market and has a carreer year....that bodes well for the future...great trade.

    1. The Leafs do have more depth than they've a long time. In that sense I like the direction the organization is headed, for sure.

      The key will be ensuring that the team can sustain success when it matters- which we all would agree is in the playoffs. Building is important but winning is the expectation- or will be, soon.

      Thanks for the good words about the podcast, DP- good of you to take the time to tune in.