What is hockey betting?

Hockey is a spectacular and dynamic sport. Unlike football, more goals are scored here, and a 1-2 goal advantage during the match does not guarantee the team victory in the match. At the same time, in hockey a draw doesn’t work. If in regular time the winner is not revealed, post-match penalties are held. Hockey players play to the bitter end, until one of the teams makes a mistake.

If you are not a fan of hockey, then before betting, it is important to know at least the most basic rules. They are as follows:

  • The match consists of 3 periods of 20 minutes.
  • In case of a draw, the teams play overtime – 5 minutes in 3×3 format.
  • With a draw in overtime, a series of bullets is played.
  • The number of substitutions in the game is unlimited.
  • In the playoffs, a series of bullets is not held, overtime is played to victory.

Hockey bettors use both Pre-match and Live strategies. Both two options are suitable for both beginners and experienced fans of betting on hockey.

What are the pros and cons of betting on hockey?

Hockey is less favorable to gambling favorites than other sports, on which beginners like to bet so much. According to the observations of professional handicappers, here is the lowest level of passing odds from 1.5 and below. This means that gambling on underdogs (outsiders) in hockey is more profitable in the long run. The main benefits of hockey betting include:

  • a varied selection of markets for each match;
  • more international and domestic tournaments, in which teams of unequal ratings often meet (which means there is a chance to make a profit on bets against favorites);
  • this is one of the most unpredictable sports, which is fraught with errors in the betting line (and each bookmaker’smistake is the potential profit of the player);
  • outsiders “from the bottom” of the standings from time to time defeat the leaders;
  • many strategies have been developed for gambling on hockey, especially on the games of the National Hockey League.

There are also disadvantages. Since not all bookmakers have this sport in priority, bookmakers put low limits on the amount of the bet on hockey, which means a loss of profits for professional handicappers.

What are the most popular betting strategies?

Result. In the main time the game can end with a victory of the hosts (1) or guests (2), as well as a draw (X). For such pairs, the highest limits are usually set at the minimum margin. It is also possible to reinsure by choosing a double result – 1X, X2 (first or second team does not lose) or 12 (NOT a draw).
Total. Such stakes are very popular today. It is necessary to determine whether the teams will be able to exceed the set statistical indicator (total more) or stop in front of it (total less). Usually it is a question of quantity of the thrown washers or removals. For example, total bets 5.5 will play if there are more than 6 goals in the match, and total bet 5.5 – if less.

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Individual total is calculated for one team or player. This gambling strategy does not have to be linked to the final result. You can take the total for a specific period, overtime or any period of time. Bookmaker lines often offer this type of stake as “even-odd”. This game is more like a bet on black and red. Here you need to guess whether the result will be even or odd.
Allowance. Such stakes on this sport involve a handicap for one of the teams.

Handicaps can be positive (it is enough for an outsider not to lose with a certain difference) and negative (the favorite should win with the specified advantage). If the handicap is an integer, a refund is possible. For example, if an outsider loses by two goals at F (+2). There is also a zero handicap, which implies a return with a draw.

How to do pre-match analysis?

For those who gamble on hockey, strategy is as important as it is for everyone else. Thorough pre-match analysis is of primary importance. It is also mandatory for those who prefer to play live. The following points should be taken into account:
The current form of rivals. The clear favorite can approach the match “bloodless” after a difficult series of fights. Or, conversely, the underdog team has gained momentum recently. It is important to consider the situation with the injured.
The history of recent meetings between them. Some teams are “uncomfortable” for opponents who occupy much higher places in the standings.
Motivation. Any strategy must take into account how important the game is to opponents. In the regular season, many teams solve their tasks long before the end of the tournament, so they can relax in a single game.
There is no one-size-fits-all strategy in gambling. This also applies to hockey. But there are several options for the game that allow you to make a profit with relative success.

What strategies in hockey betting to use?

The first strategy for live hockey is designed to draw in a period in a match of approximately equal teams. The average coefficient for this result is 3.0. If the first period ended in a draw, you need to withdraw money immediately. If the result is different, bet on the second of the ripe, etc.
The second option is based on the forecast that the period will be highly effective. Bookmakers often give good odds on TB 1.5, while the average performance – from 2 goals. Naturally, the chances are higher in matches where attacking teams meet. You need to play according to the same scheme as in a pair for a draw.
Good luck in betting!