What main types of bets exist?

Hockey has a wide selection of events representing numerous championships and leagues, but there are fewer top events than football. Let’s analyze the main types of hockey stakes:

  1. Total – the number of goals. A certain indicator, which is set by the bookmaker. The client needs to guess whether it will be less than a given number or more.
  2. Handicap – the advantage of a team over a team in the number of points scored, etc.
  3. Integer handicap – a type of handicap, which is set as an integer. In case of a difference in points, which is equal to the specified handicap, the bet is returned.
  4. Asian Handicap is a type of combined handicap bet that combines a whole and a half handicap. Half of the stakes is placed on the first outcome, and the other half on the second. For example, a handicap (+1.25) can be written as (+1;1.5).
  5. The victory of one of the hockey teams is a clear victory without the “draw” option.
  6. Outcome 12 – victory of one of the team with any score.

How to choose a bookmaker?

The fate of your future winnings depends on the choice of the office. The office must be reliable, comfortable, licensed and accessible. When choosing a bookmaker, pay attention to the following criteria:
Solvency. It is difficult to check this indicator until you start playing. Focus primarily on the reviews of real players – you will find them on thematic sites and forums. After registration and the first hockey stakes, try to withdraw profits. If this happens quickly, then the office at least cares about its reputation.
The duration of the office in the market. 10 years of work as a bookmaker is quite a decent period. Some companies have been accepting stakes for 30, 40 and even 100 years.
A license. Institutions without permission are periodically blocked by supervisory authorities – no one forbids playing in such offices, but in case of disputable situations, it will be more difficult to prove one’s case.
Coefficients. The higher they are, the better. If you are a supporter of live communication with operators who accept stakes and other players, bet in “ground” offices. But it is much more convenient and safer to gamble via the Internet.

What are the main nuances in betting on hockey?

For fans, betting on hockey is not only profitable, but also interesting. Indeed, grandiose events often take place in this sport, which can completely change all circumstances and increase the odds to a record high. For example, the return of legendary hockey teams or well-known players in the sport. The largest number of comebacks can be seen in the NHL tournaments. At this time, the motivation goes off scale, and this increases the chances of winning. Therefore, bookmakers consider this unpredictability one of the advantages of hockey.
It is also worth noting that matches in this field are much more frequent than other sports. This means that the chances of permanent winnings from a bet on hockey increase significantly. Thanks to the frequent games, fans can make an excellent analysis of the games of various teams and easily identify future winners.

To get your winnings, experts advise to study the statistics of wins of national teams and individual players. How many goals have been scored in recent months, how often players have been eliminated from the game due to injuries, what condition the athletes are in after matches and what kind of relationship develops between rivals. All this leaves a certain imprint on the game and its outcome.


Why is hockey betting so popular?
Is betting on hockey popular?