Is betting on hockey popular?

Hockey is one of the most famous games that is recognized all over the world, and gambling on it is not far behind. A variety of stakes on this sport makes it possible for everyone to choose what is convenient for him and start earning on his favorite business. It is a fairly tough and fast sport, so gambling requires not only knowledge of the rules and regulations, but also the ability to analyze a large number of factors.
Among the key advantages of hockey gambling are a large number of comebacks and a high frequency of games. Especially in prestigious tournaments, you can see a lot of sensation and unexpected comebacks when an outsider defeats a clear favorite. But it is precisely this unpredictability that frightens beginners who find it difficult to make a correct prediction for a match, which often leads to loss of money.

What is special about a tournament bet?

Stake on hockey, which involve the victory of a certain team in a championship, tournament or other sporting events, is a fairly popular type of stakes. The only drawback is that it is very long-term, you have to wait until the end of the competition to find out the name of the winning team.
In addition to the main types of stakes, there are several new and non-standard types, such as betting on leaders. The player who gambles on a specific player who has scored more goals than his opponent wins in such a stake. A bet on the passage of certain teams to the Cup and even a bet on the number of goals scored in each period.

What factors affect the results?

To prepare a better prediction for a hockey match, we advise you to consider several important criteria:

  1. current team form (results of the last 5-10 matches in different tournaments);
  2. tournament calendar (sometimes teams play 3-4 matches a week);
  3. personnel changes (injuries, disqualifications, transfers);
  4. motivation and prospects (some matches can be sacrificed to approach the decisive games in the best condition).

What do we recommend for betting on NHL hockey games?

General rules and tips for gambling on hockey are little different from gambling on football, tennis, basketball or other sports. But there are some nuances inherent in this sport, which should be taken into account when preparing forecasts. For example, in the NHL – the most popular hockey league in the world – it is very difficult to identify favorites and outsiders of individual matches. If before the start of the season it is still possible to predict who will be higher in the table, the results of the games are often very unpredictable.
The National Hockey League is the most well-known and promoted tournament. All bookmakers, without exception, accept stakes on matches of this tournament. Here are some tips to help players gamble on NHL games. It is better to choose 2-3 matches and conduct a detailed analysis than to try to predict 10+ results.

The NHL is a very dynamic league, so it is important to follow all the news of the tournament: from injuries to transfers. If there are no suitable matches in the line, it is better to take a break and not set a certain time. All-in-bank gambling distances sooner or later lead to the loss of the entire bank.
In order to make profitable hockey stakes, it is important to choose the best bookmaker. Pay attention to the depth of the line, the size of the odds, the speed of processing applications for winnings and other criteria for bookmakers.


What main types of bets exist?