Why is hockey betting so popular?

Hockey betting is becoming more and more favored in the world, and in this regard, there is an increasing number of bookmakers offering their services. Hockey is one of the most widespread disciplines for gambling. This is a very spectacular sport, and each bookmaker provides a huge number of different stakes, and depending on the type of competition and the number of participating teams, the variety can increase.

What are the main outcomes in betting on hockey?

In this discipline, there are three main outcomes: the victory of the first team, the victory of the second, or a draw. Subspecies are considered to be Double Exodus and Double Chance. They help the fans to win if their chosen team is not defeated during the main period of the match.
Handicap. This type is no different from football or other common hockey stakes. Handicap is a kind of advantage at the end of the match. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that gambling offices do not refund funds if the numerical indicator of the handicap is presented as a fraction. Hockey gambling like this can only win and lose. Fans also have the opportunity to bet on the victory of a certain team using the Zero Handicap option. Then the deposited funds can be returned in case of a draw.

Total. This option involves gambling on the number of goals that athletes will score during the entire game. The bookmakers offer a value, and the fans, in turn, guess whether the players will be able to score goals over or under this number. Often stakes on hockey are made on several totals at once in order to get a win for sure.

There are many other bets in this sport. Each bookmaker can make you an advantageous offer on hockey bets. For example, some people like to gamble on particular players and the number of goals they will score against the opponent, others like to guess the time of the first goal, and someone does a great job with the number of suspensions in one game.

There is also a stake on a correct score of the match. This type of stake involves guessing the exact score for the match. The risks of such stakes are extremely high, but the odds are also highly valued by bookmakers. Often the odds for such a bet reach up to 6-9.

What main advice do you need to bet successfully?

Check out the ratings of bookmakers. If the selected bookmaker office is at the top of this site, this is a big plus in favor of the reliability of the institution. However, reliability does not always mean high profits. If the odds are low, then the speed of withdrawals and the friendliness of the support team will not cover your costs for the house margin.

Evaluate the ease of use of the site. A comfortable site plays an important role in the psychological mood of the player. There are sites that take a long time to load, open pages slowly and periodically freeze. In a “live” game, such trifles can easily deprive you of profit: you place a stake on one coefficient, but it turns out that it has already changed.

Analyze information. Analysis of information is required when making a forecast. Betting by intuition is a disastrous practice for a beginner. Competent analysis includes: statistical research; study of the game and physical form of teams, factors of fatigue and motivation; analysis of the standings and bookmaker offers. At the most respectful global competitions, the factor of face-to-face confrontation of rivals is important. In hockey, stable groups of approximately equal teams have developed that successfully operate against some teams and lose to others.


What main types of bets exist?